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Chat Room Info.

  • Roll your mouse over a name and you'll see the IP address or domain name of the person making the post. You'll also see what time it was posted. Click on the name and you'll be transferred to their homepage if they entered one when logging on.

  • If you're using Internet Explorer 3.02 or earlier, you'll probably get really annoyed with this page. Rather than spend time fixing it, I'll just urge everyone to go and download IE5 right now. With Netscape, this page also works just fine. 

  • When logging in, be sure to choose how you'd like to be identified. Showing your IP or host address will allow you to easily be Winnuked if you're not patched. If you choose "domain name" then people will only be able to see your ISP's name.

  • Currently we're working on implementing some IRC-like options such as "/me" and "/ignore." We're also trying to set up a separate window that would list everyone currently in the chat room.

  • This chat site is still under development. If you experience any unusual problems or have ideas or suggestions, e-mail me.

  • If you would like any more chat rooms adding please send me a mail telling me what chat room you'd like and why, also, if you're female; please include details of age, location, height, bra size and hair colour.

  • If you are getting harassed by any one in a room please note down as much info. as you can - username, IP number, domain, etc - and send this to me.