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Sept. 27th.
The site is coming along as we approach the launch date of October 1st. We might be a few days behind with completion but the main bits will be up here to use.

Sept. 29th.
The chat room is up in all it's basic glory, we're just testing functionality for now, so no complaints about it not being pretty enough OK.

Oct. 15th.
I've noticed that people are complaining that there's no-one in the chat rooms and it all seems quiet, well, WE HAVEN'T LAUNCHED YET !!!!!!. I'm sure more people will arrive once we get ourselves on a few search engines and start to publicise ourselves.


Please read the HELP section if you're having troubles using this site.
On the help page you will also find the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) if you go against anything that is said here you can expect to join the bad boys / girls list. If you're on this list you will automatically been turned away when you log onto the site and sent to a site of my choice, probably the Teletubies® web site or something. So please be good.


Complete launch still planned for October 20th.


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